In this current age of distraction and abundance, your brain is constantly stimulated. Your brain is working constantly throughout day and night, and just like your body, working overtime can begin to take its toll. Just as your overall health and hygiene requires maintenance, so does your brain. We are now at a time when we have the science, understanding, and perspective to take a step back and realize the importance of brain health. But what do we need?
Brain On, Game On is a user’s manual to your most important tool, your brain. It lays out what your brain needs and teaches you how the brain is impacted by what we do every day and the world around us. Leigh Richardson will teach you why the lifestyle choices and environmental factors that impact brain health, also impact the physiology and psychology of your mental state. If you want to enhance your mental performance, increase your well-being, and optimize your overall health, this book is an essential tool in your journey.

“This book is a must-read! I am a former NFL professional athlete and there are so many golden nuggets hidden within this book! I wish I had access to them much sooner but now I have this book and I love every detail. Thank you so much, Ms. Leigh Richardson for a phenomenal book!”
Royal Hagg

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“This book is a must read! I appreciated all that was included in the book because of the importance to physical health. We hear about panic attacks all the time but not what to do about them. ‘Rewire your brain to be happy’ stuck out to me – what a positive thought. All the important subjects were covered. Insomnia, sleep is critical for brain health as well as physical health. The gut brain connection is so important. A great read covers many emotional, cognitive challenges as well as the challenge of life style choices.”
Harry L Sugg DDS
American Sleep & Breathing Academy
First Inductee in the Hall of Fame for Dentistry