Leigh’s Story:

Life has led me down a path that started back in 2000. I have twin boys and when they were in the 2nd Grade, one of them was hit by a car. In 5th Grade, he had convinced himself that he had ADHD. He couldn’t remember anymore and focus so he told me his brain just did not work. I checked with the school counselor and she only thought he was lazy. I searched for answers. I found a neurologist that did Neurotherapy. After 10 sessions, I saw a change in him especially in his self-confidence. I was pleased.

I had been in the ICU at one point and had lost my sense of smell. The neurologist said that’s the way it’s going to be. I decided to try neurotherapy and I got my sense of smell back. It was a life-changing event for me.

I got involved with Neurotherapy. I started working with a neurologist in 2004 and got board-certified in 2005. The Brain Performance Center was founded in 2009 with a shift from a medical health center to a behavioral health center, dedicated to improving all aspects of brain health. Our services have evolved over the last 13 years. When I started, we did 4-channel neurofeedback. Now we do whole-brain training, neuromodulation, and neuroplasticity training. When I started with psychotherapy, we only used CBT. Now we use DBT and performance coaching.

My education has contributed to where I am today. I have a Master of Business Administration that I received in 1985. I completed my Master of Science in Counseling in 2013 and PhD Psychology Program at Walden in 2024

More About Dr Leigh

Dr Leigh E. Richardson has studied human behavior for over 30 years. Her initial focus was on organizational behavior, then shifted to human behavior in 2003 after her son had a traumatic brain injury. Dr Leigh has been in the ICU twice with brain injury, which fueled her need to understand how or why the brain doesn’t work. She can relate to brain dysregulation personally and visualizes what could be done for others like her. Everyone struggles with something. Most everyone has the potential to rewire their thinking, regain, and recover from more than you know.

Dr Leigh is the founder and clinical director of The Brain Performance Center. She started it in 2009, utilizing her MBA, MS, Counseling, and board certifications to offer state-of-the-art solutions for “brain problems.” As a brain health expert, she regularly contributes to nationwide radio and television stations. Whether it is anxiety, ADHD, depression, insomnia, or brain injury, Dr Leigh’s understanding of the brain and the different methodologies that can be used to change the brain organically is immense. And more importantly, they will provide the right solution for the problem. Dr Leigh has a unique ability to connect with people, understand their situation, and win their trust individually and collectively.

Dr Leigh is the author of Turn Your Brain On – To Get Your Game On, an international speaker, and a popular syndicated radio host for In Your Head Podcast. Dr Leigh enjoys educating the general public on how lifestyle choices and environmental factors impact brain health and the physiology and psychology of your mental state.

Dr Leigh completed her PhD in Psychology in 2024 to create social change around brain health at all levels of society. Dr Leigh wants to bring neuroscience into the business world! Her goals include building on her dissertation work, Crisis Decision-Making, utilizing critical thinking, situational awareness, and agility, training leaders to engage the neurodivergent workforce, and creating psychological safety in the workplace that promotes collaboration, well-being, and exceptional performance.

Why did you found The Brain Peformance Center?

The longer I work with the brain, the more I realize that no two brains are the same. I had been working with a neurologist since 2005 that only wanted to utilize neurofeedback to create change in the brain.

As my style evolved, I became more eclectic, wanting to utilize different techniques to change the brain and more importantly, change human behavior. I always work off of treatment goals with my clients because I honestly believe that if you don’t know what changes you are looking for, you will not see them. The Brain Performance Center was built around a behavioral health model that considers the physiology and psychology of your mental state. 

Everything you do, don’t do, and how well you do depends on how your brain is working. We utilize an integrated approach to create change in the brain on the conscious and subconscious levels.

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